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A closer look at Raisin

Raisin was established in Berlin in 2013 and quickly grew to over 100,000 customers and €5bn before entering the UK market in February 2018.  It has since grown to €35bn and 350,000 savers across Europe.

Raisin UK is a savings marketplace which offers access to multiple savings products and banks but, instead of having to open account with each provider individually, savers only need to register once.  The Raisin UK Account, and every savings account offered by UK banks through its marketplace, is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  There's a range of fixed rate deposits as well as easy access and notice accounts available.  19 banks in the UK market are partnering with Raisin and the number continues to grow.

There are a number of benefits for savers for using Raisin:

- Access to banks whose savings accounts are not available direct to savers e.g. FCMB, isbank and QIB are all on the platform but don't offer their accounts direct

- Exclusive products and/or rates which are not on offer in the wider market e.g. Investec currently offer a 32 day notice account paying 0.80% which is not on their website and currently beats any other rate for 32 days notice or less on the market

- Single registration rather, than having to open multiple accounts with each bank

- FSCS protection for every account*

The downsides are that not every bank and product is available on the platform and some banks may offer better rates direct than via the platform.  However, we think the positives for savers outweight this and are now listing those account on Raisin which will be best buys in their own right in our tables.


Raisin are currently offering Savings Guru customers a £25 sign up bonus for opening an account with them.  This can be claimed by following the below process:

1. You must apply for a Raisin UK Account by clicking on one of the 'Apply Now' links on

2. After your Raisin UK Account has become active, you must then open a savings account with Raisin UK and deposit a minimum of £10,000 into your new savings account.

3. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject ‘Raisin UK Bonus’, using the same email address as you used to register for your Raisin UK Account. In the email please add your full name.

4. You only need to send one claim email.

5. If you are making the claim for a fixed rate bond, you can make your claim as soon as you have been notified that your savings account(s) has/have become active. If you have met the above requirements, you will then receive the £25 payment to your Raisin UK Account within 14 days of making the claim.

6. If you are making the claim in relation to a new notice account or easy access savings account, you can make your claim as soon as you have been notified that your savings account(s) has/have become active. You will receive the £25 to your Raisin UK Account within 14 days of becoming eligible - i.e. once your notice account or easy access savings account has been active for six months (with a minimum balance of £10,000 throughout this time).


* Or the European Equivalent.  

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