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Savings round up - 27th June

We've seen more increases to best buy rates with new 18 Month, 1, 3 and 5 Year Fixed Rate bond leaders as well as new best buys for Fixed ISAs.  We've rounded up the key changes and the leading rates from the past week:

Easy Access

Chase continue to lead the way at 1.50%, and appear to be working through their back log of applications.   Next best is Aldermore Bank's Double Access Saver paying 1.40% but they no longer have second spot to themselves.  I said last week I thought they'd be scope for increases and there duly has been . Sainsbury's Bank, Principality Building Society and Zop have moved alongside them.  Sainsbury's and Principality both limit withdrawals but Zopa's is unlimited, although it is restricted to a maximum balance of £50,000.  Aldermore's easy access account paying 1.35% looks the best unrestricted account still.  

With 17 providers now paying between 1.30% - 1.40%, we expect to see further increases this week.


Oxbury Bank sit top of notice with 180 Day (1.95%), 120 Day (1.90%) and 95 Day (1.80%) notice accounts.  They've been joined by Allica Bank, who also pay 1.80% on 95 Day Notice. However, UBL at 1.76% for 95 days notice via Raisin, may well be better for new savers as Raisin are also paying a £25 sign up bonus via our site, giving a return the equivalent of 2.01% for a saver depositing £10,000 in the first year.  

1 Year Fixed

Kent Reliance have dislodged Atom Bank from top spot with Friday's launch of a 2.61% 1 Year Fixed.  Atom are tied for second spot as both Allica Bank and Tandem Bank also raised their 1 Year Fixed rates to 2.60% to move alongside them.   Cynergy Bank are now demoted to joint 5th at 2.57%, with Charter Savings also paying the same rate.  With 17 providers paying 2.50% - 2.61%, and 10 of those in the 2.55% - 2.61% range, it's a racing certainty there will be more movement in the top 1 Year rates this week.

18 Month Fixed

Paragon are the new leaders at 2.75% via Raisin, with last week's leader, BLME down to second at 2.70%.  United Trust are in to 3rd and they have knocked QIB, who pay 2.55%, down.

2 Year Fixed

BLME still lead the way at 3% but the gap has fallen with SmartSave Bank, part of Chetwood Financial, paying an improved rate of 2.97% a nudge ahead of Allica Bank (2.96%), DF Capital and Monument Bank (both 2.95%).  

3 Year Fixed

PCF lead the way with an improved rate of 3.10%, knocking last week's leader BLME (3.05%) down to second spot.  We now have five providers paying 3% and more with SmartSave (3.02%), Zopa (3.01%) and Paragon all improving their rates during the week.  

4 Year Fixed

BLME still lead the field at 3.10% but have Zopa close behind, after they improved their rate to 3.05% during the week.  Ikano Bank are in third at 2.95%, just ahead of United Trust Bank at 2.92%.

5 Year Fixed

Having blown everyone away by going 0.25% clear, BLME now have PCF Bank alongside them in top spot at 3.25%.  Zopa are third at 3.11% just ahead of Paragon at 3.10% with Monument a nudge lower at 3.05%.  Such was the competition in 5 Year last week that Ahli United Bank, last week's second place, now sit sixth.



Easy Access ISA

Paragon Bank's Triple Access ISA at 1.35% sits in top spot ahead of Cynergy Bank (1.31%) with Marcus and Saga sharing third spot at 1.30%, although 0.25% of that is a bonus rate.

Notice ISAs

Aldermore Bank lead the way paying 1.40% on its 30 Day Notice ISA, which is significantly clear of second place, which sees a three way tie of building societies at 1%.  Family Building Society pay 1% on 35 Day Notice but you will need a £30,000 balance to get that, otherwise it is 0.80%.  Teacher's Building Society and Melton Building Society both have lower thresholds for their 1% rate but want 90 Days and 100 Days notice respectively for access, or loss of the interest for the same number of days if access is without notice.

1 Year ISA

Paragon end the week in top spot at 2.10%, ahead of Virgin Money at 2.06% and Secure Trust Bank at 2.05%.  UBL are fourth at 2.01% with a huge gap back to Kent Reliance at 1.86%.

2 Year ISA

Almost identical to 1 Year with Paragon the best buy at 2.40% ahead of Virgin Money at 2.36%.  Secure Trust Bank are third at 2.35% but Shawbrook (2.33%) sit between them and UBL (2.31%).

3 Year ISA

Leeds Building Society lead the way paying 2.75% on their 30 Month Fixed rate, which is a long way clear of Paragon Bank's 2.55% in second place.  Hampshire Trust Bank (2.50%) share third spot with Secure Trust.

5 Year ISA

Hampshire Trust Bank are the best buy at 2.60% alongside Paragon Bank, UBL and Secure Trust Bank with a huge drop to Shawbrook at 2.42%.


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