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Savings Guru launches new comparison site

Today we launch a new comparison site dedicated to helping savers.  Why have we done this?  Firstly, we feel that the market doesn’t serve savers properly.  Many comparison sites now cover such large volumes of products that savings has become a sideline of their activities.  Secondly, those that do cater for savers display the information poorly or inaccessibly and we felt, from talking to savers, that we could make it clearer and easier to read.  Thirdly, we work across the industry and are uniquely placed to offer a view across the spectrum.  We hope that our insight can help inform savers to make the best decisions for their savings.

Our Founder, James Blower, commented: ‘The comparison part of the site has been something we’ve wanted to develop for sometime.  The finished product is the direct result of listening to feedback from customers on their experiences with other sites.  We hope that we’ve delivered something that savers will love.  There’s more to do – we want to add ISAs shortly for example – but we wanted to develop the site with what works for savers.  Please do get in touch and share your thoughts so that we can incorporate your views in the next phase of development.'

About The Savings Guru

We help savers get the best deal for their money by providing unique insight in to the savings market.  We help prospective banks apply for a banking licence and we help build customer services, products and marketing for them.  We also work with existing banks and building societies to improve their savings propositions.  This  insider view of savings means we are uniquely placed to help savers.

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